Anna Ives, adorable daughter of our friend Zac (co-head of GONER Records), needs your help. From Goner:

Goner owner Zac Ives' little girl, Anna, has been undergoing treatment for cancer during the
past two years. She's been through quite a lot, but she's been a trooper and unimaginably strong, charming everyone who has met her with unwavering cheer.
Anna has been through her second surgery and is undergoing radiation treatment, which will mean the whole family will be staying 8 weeks in Boston.

We are auctioning off items to help offset expenses.

For more information, please go to http://www.goner-records.com/AnnaIvesAuctions

And don't forget the Anna Ives Vs Cancer Benefit Concert Thursday, January 29 at the Hi Tone!

with Harlan T Bobo, John Paul Keith & 145s, and Jack Oblivian & The Tearjerkers. Short Sets, rotating all night!

Auctions are live now and will run through February 2nd. Bid early, bid often!

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