The Carter Family - Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone (1928)

Woody Guthrie - Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone with Sonny Terry, Leadbelly, Cisco Houston and Bess Hawes (Alan Lomax's sister).

The Carter Family - Can the Circle Be Unbroken (1933)

Ken Parker - Will the Circle Be Unbroken
From Keep Your Eyes on Jesus, an album of gospel released on Tabernacle, a Studio One subsidiary.

Pentangle performing "Will the Circle Be Unbroken", from a French television special.

The Carter Family - Wildwood Flower (1928)

Bob Dylan and the Band - Wildwood Flower
From the Genuine Basement Tapes.

Kilby Snow - Wildwood Flower

The Carter Family - Cannonball (1930)
The first Carter Family recording with AP taking solo lead.

The Carter Family - Cannon Ball Blues

Townes Van Zandt - Cannon Ball Blues
From Live at the Jester Lounge, Texas 1966

Here is a clip of Sara & Maybelle performing "Cannon Ball Blues" in 1966. After Sara came out of retirement to record An Historic Reunion, with her son Joe stepping in for the deceased AP, Maybelle coaxed her into playing some live engagements to promote the record. Allegedly, they were headed to their car after a performance when John Cohen asked if he could film them playing a few songs.

The second song, Sweet Fern, is here.

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