The enigmatic frontman of legendary NYC r+b/soul/no-wave group Mink DeVille has died.

Known to the general public as the guy who collaborated with Mark Knopfler on the Oscar-nominated theme song from The Princess Bride, "Storybook Love," DeVille got his start playing the same NY scene that begot the Talking Heads, Ramones, Television and Blondie, to name a few.

Well regarded for his sharp musical acuity and tight pompadour, DeVille synthesized his disparate influences into a seamless pastiche all his own. Full of ethnic phrasing, polyrhythms, and echoes from nearly all aspects of Americana, DeVille's music comes across as a Brill Building James Chance, with a healthy dose of Van Morrison and the Cramps thrown in for good measure.

A truly singular personality, DeVille will be sorely missed.

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