R & R


I will be away from the computer for a while, visiting my brother in The Dalles, Oregon.

The Dalles is about 80 miles east of Portland, just on the other side of Mt. Hood. Home to Celilo Falls (an historically popular fishing spot for various NW Indian tribes) the city's name is derrived from the French dalle, which means flagstone and refers to the many basalt rock formations in the area. Making up the last stretch of the Oregon Trail, The Dalles later became famous as the site of the first-ever bioterrorism attack on US soil, launched by the Rajneeshee cult in 1984.

NW Indians fishing at Celilo Falls

US Army General Jonathan Wainwright with Charley Quetukhin, left, Wyam Chief Tommy Thompson, with whom he is shaking hands, and Thompson's son Henry in 1945.

Four of the restaurants attacked by the Rajneeshee cult. The place in the bottom left, The Wagon, is a favorite watering hole.


Mayhaw Hoons said...

Make sure to stop at Spookies and get some pizza! Speaking of the Rajneeshee cult, my aunt was poisoned by salmonella when they tried to take over the Dalles. Actually i think that happened at the salad bar at Spookies Pizza. Awesome Huh?!

J. Everett Dixon said...


Tom's having a big party out there this weekend. You should get the gang together and head out!