Naw, just kidding.

I figured I ought to post my mix of summertime soul jams before summer passed me by.


1. Gino Washington - Like My Baby

2. Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions - Seven Years

3. Otis Leavill - I Love You

4. The Miracles - Save Me

5. Stevie Wonder - Hey Love

6. June Conquest - All I Need

7. Barbara & Gwen - Just the Two of Us

8. Jean Wells - After Loving You

I used to live with these two metal-heads who called my soul records Rom-Com music. In which case, this is maybe like the sound track to the next Bridget Jones movie.

These are all songs particularly dear to me, nothing super rare or anything, but music I find pretty easy to love, like Seven Years, which is like a time capsule for my summer of 2005 (when I was living with said metal-heads, who were also, I should mention, really nice people). That was the same year I discovered "urban radio." Or, that is, my girlfriend at the time had a car, and that car had a radio, and so I listened to a lot of it, and the radio station I liked best was Jammin' 95.5 ("Portland's party station"). It was the summer of Curtis Mayfield and the Ying Yang Twins (and also Neurosis, but not by volition).

I thought whisper songs were going to be the next big thing, like auto-tune big. I'm still disappointed. Whispering is only cool if you're talking violence on the pussy? NO! So my affection for YYT was complicated, whereas Curtis kept things easy-- he's a love man, I'm a love man. We weren't about to beat anyone's pussy up.

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