Portland city planners have denied a proposal by the University of Oregon to modify the city's iconic "White Stag" sign, an historic landmark (officially) since 1978. Familiar to anyone who has ever crossed the Burnside Bridge from east to west, the "White Stag" sign, which now reads "Made in Oregon," was built in 1940 to advertise White Satin Sugar. In 1959, White Stag Outerwear purchased and modified the sign, and in 1997 the sign was changed yet again when Sam Naito bought it to advertise his company Made in Oregon.

Suggesting that the "loss of the quirky, historic upper-case 'E' and cut-off 'g' in the text are not in keeping with the landmark character of the sign," the city staff recommendation does make room for modifications if they're in keeping with the aesthetic of the original sign, writing "there may be other options that both respect the historic character of the sign, and promote positive conditions for institutional
identification." We hope not.

In an older incarnation:

How it's looked for the past 12 or so years:

via Oregon Live.

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