These videos are taken from Greg Cartwright's 2007 in-store performance during Memphis' annual Gonerfest. Cartwright- best known as a founding member of the supremely influential Oblivians- is no mere garage turkey, having explored all aspects of the American pop canon in his his other outfits (the pre-Oblivians Compulsive Gamblers, and currently with the Reigning Sound).

For me, the Reigning Sound have always been one of those bands who really need to be seen live; on wax, they can come off a bit fetishistic in their songwriting and studio tropes. Stripped down like this, the high lonesome quality of Greg's voice really comes through, and the songs sound a bit more honest when given some breathing room outside the static environment of the recording studio.

Oblivians classic "Live the Life"

"Stop and Think It Over" This song was recorded by legendary Shangri-Las singer Mary Weiss for her comeback record, which Cartwright produced and played on.

"Wait and See"

It's recently been confirmed by Greg himself the the Oblivians will reunite- with the 1990's other most influential garage band, Detroit's the Gories- for a European tour this summer and two US shows (one in Memphis, the other in Detroit).

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