Our friends at Monsters & Dust posted this mysterious Ed Askew song a while back. Little is known about Askew; he's from Connecticut, bummed around the NY folk scene in the late 60's, played a 10-string Martin tiple, and recorded two LPs for the legendary ESP-Disk label (only one of which saw proper release). Anyway, here's the song. If anyone out there's got any info (the title would be a great place to start), we'd love to have it.

Download it here.


ED ASKEW said...

you can check me out at

thanks for the mention.

ED ASKEW said...
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ED ASKEW said...

BTW, the song is "BOY WITH A HAT" from a cassette collection i made in 1984 called "imperfiction"..never released. all i had was a sterio recorder and one radio shack mic, and my basement apartment was only a few yards from a road, and had a lot of traffc. so there is a rumble in the background. i'm playing harpsichord.

J. Everett Dixon said...

Ed, thanks so much for shedding a little light on this heretofore mysterious song. It's really beautiful, and I've been trying to track down information on it since I first heard it.