Man it's pretty tempting to write off allmusic as a once relevant internet left over authored by a bunch of yo la tengo loving dweebs who insist that Genesis' early records are totally worth owning, but then I read something like this--

If Brian Wilson can be praised for his half-assed ideas and execution, then why not McCartney, who has more character here than the Beach Boys did on their Brother records? Truthfully.

Yeah! Lay it down Steve Thom!

Anyway, I was at a party last night and the DJ played Cotton-Eyed Joe. It wasn't like a thrilling Montell Jordan moment where we all looked at each other collectively recalling a thousand junior high lip syncs. It was just a bummer. The ironic DJ is fucking up musical Darwinism. Like we have to keep reminding each other about all the pap we forgot existed because finding the good stuff is just too easy nowadays? Just play some fucking Prince you know?

Someone shot off some mace and the party still went on. So I guess they were doing something right.

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