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I wonder if James Brown felt a kind of Jesse Jackson style irritation at being eclipsed by a new type of soul singer. Prince and Michael Jackson both worked from the platform he worked to create. And here he is, left marooned on the stage shouting for Prince to come burn it down. Brown goes on smiling while Prince slow pumps his guitar, disrobes, then knocks down the set lighting.

This is a man who built his career on refusing to ever be upstaged.

"James just had to be last, and finally we put him last before the intermission, second best spot, and he jumped off the balcony to cap his act, figuring that would really kill them. Damn near killed himself. That's when I first knew him as an egomaniac--and we're friends to this day!" - Zenas Sears recalls playing with Brown in the late fifties. From Sweet Soul Music.

It's pretty thrilling to hear Michael sing some straight soul music. And the moonwalk! YES! Like watching a young Pacino-- nice to be reminded just why anyone began caring in the first place.

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